Northron Pantheon


No one is certain of the Aesen Saemundil’s (SAY-mun-dill) parentage. He is as old as the All-Father, but claims no kinship to him. Since the beginning of time has Saemundil protected the sacred Gate between realms. He will sound his horn when those that would do evil attempt to pass through the gate. It is he who will sound the horn warning the Aesen and mortals alike of the coming of the Grundr and the Final Battle.


The cult of Saemundil teaches vigilance, self-discipline, responsibility, and obedience to authority. Protection of the weak or defenseless is paramount. The cult appeals to any who guard against outer threats.

Clergy and Temples

Many clergy to Saemundil are fighters and rangers as well. Though there are no paladins in Jossian culture, paladins may also devote themselves to the cult.

Temples to Saemundil generally contain at least one watchtower and comprise an important part of a community’s defenses. Most communities welcome such temples as a way to strengthen their defenses and to better protect their citizens.

Visitors to these temples will find themselves under close scrutiny, but warm welcome if passing muster—especially if the visitor brings information related to the community’s protection.


Saemundil appears as a powerful warrior, a great horn hanging from his belt. He has ebon skin and golden eyes and hair. His long beard is braided in the style of raiders.


Certain devout followers of the Guardian perform daily rituals in hopes of receiving his special blessing. Stand vigil for a time. Contemplate vigilance, self-discipline, responsibility, and obedience to authority. Gain a +2 sacred bonus to AC and to CMD and a +4 sacred bonus to Perception when standing guard or vigil.


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