Northron Pantheon


Saehildr (SAY-hil-deer) is the wife of Ulfethinn and the mother of Isranthr. She is a mighty warrior and the patron of those who pursue excellence in battle.


Followers of Saehildr believe in skill and guile over brute strength in battle. They devote themselves to martial skill with a single-minded purpose.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy devoted to Saehildr are usually (though not always) female. They tend to be strong and capable people with quick wits and combat skills. Fighters, barbarians, and rangers are often attracted to her service.

Temples are sturdy, defensible structures containing a multitude of training halls devoted to various combat skills. These temples often act as sanctuaries for abused spouses or those escaping abusive relationships, as well as those that have been crippled in battle.

Visitors to the temple who openly carry weapons can expect good-natured challenges from the clergy and other members of the cult for single combat. Those who will fight are treated with honor; others are treated with some disdain.


Saehildr is a beautiful, athletic woman with golden hair and eyes. She carries a mighty, rune-covered longsword (“Shieldbreaker”) and wears light armor.


Certain devout followers of Saehildr indulge in special daily rituals in order to receive boons from the goddess. Go through a series of forms with your weapon of choice. Each pass brings you closer to achieving enlightenment from the flashing blade of Saehildr. Gain a +2 sacred bonus to hit and damage with your weapon of choice. Your weapon is considered ‘magic’ for the purposes of damage reduction or resistances.


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