Royal, Noble, and Political Titles of Ornis


Royal and Noble Titles for Ornis

King (Queen) His/Her Majesty Patriarchal monarch of the nation and his wife. The King is also the Lord Marshal of the Army. The Queen has power based on influence and proximity but little legal standing.
Crown Prince His Royal Highness The monarchal heir. Also the ruler of Crownport.
Crown Princess Her Royal Highness The spouse of the monarchal heir.
Prince His Highness Any non-inheriting sons of the King, as well as brothers of the King
Princess Her Highness Any daughters of the King, as well as sisters of the King
Royal Consort His/Her Highness Spouse of the princes and princesses.
Duke/Duchess His/Her Grace Large land-holding vassals of the King. There are 3 Dukes of Ornis, representing the North, South, and Central portions of Ornis (Northmarch, Southmarch, Gloftmarch). The Dukes also serve as Marshals (war leaders) in times of war.
Baron/Baroness Lord/Lady The Barons of Ornis mostly rule the cities of Ornis. The Overlord of Kalimsport also holds the title of Baron, though he seldom uses it. The title of Overlord is unique to Kalimsport.
Lord/Lady Lord/Lady The lowest noble title for a land-holding person of a noble bloodline. Lords hold various parcels of land throughout Ornis and within city districts.
Baronet Lord/Lady A noble title that is usually granted by a Baron or higher noble for some sort of service to the crown.
Knight Sir/Dame Not to be confused with a Cavalier or Paladin, an aristocratic knight is the first rung on the ladder of nobility.

National Political Titles for Ornis

The Lord High Chamberlain Runs the national bureaucracy (taxation, census rolls, etc.). Appointed by the King.
Vice Chamberlains: Supervisors
High Clerks: Managers
Clerks: Workers
The Lord High Constable Enforces the King’s laws and oversees the lesser magistrates. Appointed by the King.
High Magistrates: Oversee the legal system of a city or region
Magistrates: Oversee the legal system of a city district or village
Lord Constables or Sheriffs: Oversee the law enforcement within a city or town
The Lord High Admiral Head of the Ornish Navy and the state’s intelligence network. Appointed by the King.
Harbormasters: Oversee the dockside operations of a city (be it riverside or seaside)
Captains: Lead ships into battle, patrols, etc.
Various officers: Some naval advisors assist local authorities with intelligence work
The Lord Steward Head of the Royal Household and personal security. Appointed by the King.
Ivory Guard: Elite guards that protect the King and Queen day and night
Royal Palace household staff
The Lord Comptroller Head of the Royal Household Treasury. Appointed by the King.
Comptrollers: Supervisors
Clerks: Workers
The Master of Horse Head of the Royal Stables and the stables of the army in times of war. Appointed by the King.
Stablemasters: Supervisors
Stablehands: Workers

The Inner Council

The Lord High Chamberlain, The Lord High Constable, The Lord High Admiral, and the Lord Steward form an Inner Council that advises the King on matters concerning the state.

Marriage and Customs of Inheritance

Among the nobles of Ornis, and, indeed, in Ornis in general, it is custom to take the surname of the male spouse, regardless of lineage. If both lines of noble lineage need to be represented, the names will be hyphenated, with the male’s name taken precedence. If a female member of a noble house marries a man of common lineage, she gives up her noble name and inheritance.

Among the royal lines, there are special titles for the spouses of the nobility (Queen, Crown Princess, Royal Consorts). Amongst the lower nobility, the spouses take on the title of their noble partner. So a Lord’s wife is a Lady. A Duke’s wife is a Duchess. However, amongst the lowest rungs of the nobility, the Baronet and the Knight, spouses do not take on the title. They are given the honorific “Master” or “Mistress” (if they have not already earned said honorific for their trade or profession).

Inheritance is based upon the first-born male or appointed heir. It is highly unusual in Ornis to appoint a woman as heir, but there is precedent.

Among the lower orders of nobility (Baronet, Knighthood), the title is only conferred upon the individual and is not inheritable unless given special dispensation from the King.

Royal, Noble, and Political Titles of Ornis

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