Royal, Noble, and Political Titles in Hadurk-Sur


Royal and Noble Titles of Hadurk-Sur

King Hereditary monarch of the nation. Head of state. (THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY LOST).
Queen Spouse of the monarch. (THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY LOST).
Crown Prince The first-born son of the King and monarchal heir. (THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY LOST).
Prince Any non-inheriting sons of the King as well as brothers of the King. (THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY LOST).
Princess Any non-inheriting daughters of the King, as well as sisters of the King. (THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY LOST).
Thane Male clan chiefs. Individual clans decide how their Thanes are chosen—by heredity, by combat, by election, etc.
Matron Wife of the Thane. Derives power due to proximity and influence.
Yeorl First-born son, heir to the Thane
Shieldman First rung on the ladder of Dwarven nobility. A title bestowed upon a dwarf who has given great service in honor to a Thane. Many a Thane has started out as a Shieldman to mentor Thane.

The Thannic Councils

Most Dwarven cities are ruled by Thannic councils comprised of the Thanes of the most prominent clans of the region. They handle all of the governance of the city through consensus and appoint magistrates to settle disputes.

Order is maintained by the Anvil Guard, a team of elite warriors paid for by the joint coffers of the Thannic Council.

Royal, Noble, and Political Titles in Hadurk-Sur

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