Large settlement established by the Ros tribesmen in the region of Jossia. Rosemeedt (ROS-a-meet) lies on the western coast of Jossia where the Grundr’s Teeth meet the Daggerspine.


The settlement is ruled over by a Steward (Tolkar Waltansson), who is appointed annually by the council of clan kings for the Ros tribe. The Steward and his family live in and maintain the Great Hall.

The Steward appoints the Trademaster who maintains commerce within the Meedt.

Crimes are adjudicated by the resident priest of Ketill. The defense of the Meedt is the responsibility of the temple to Saemundil.

Halls, Temples, etc.

Great Hall (King’s council, Steward’s quarters, etc.)
Temple to Yülthn (Inn/Tavern)
Temple to Ketill (Jail/Court)
Temple to Saemundil (Watchtower)
Trademaster’s Hall (Vendors, Alehouses, etc.)

Stat Block

NG Village

Corruption -1
Crime -5
Economy +1
Law +1
Lore -1
Society +2

Qualities: Pious ( Yülthn), Superstitious
Danger: 0
Government: Autocracy (Steward)
Population: 61-200
Notable NPCs:

  • Ivandir (Priest of Yülthn)
  • Lavandarr (Priest of Saemundil)

Base Value: 500 gp
Purchase Limit: 2500 gp
Spellcasting: 4th
Minor: 2d4; Medium: 1d4; Major: —


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