Rose Guard

The Rose Guard is an elite component of the general army of the elven nation. Traditionally, the Rose Guard is made up of one hundred troops from a variety of backgrounds. The Rose Guard are generally at the vanguard of any formal military action by Saelfsidhedal. They are also called into action to deal with special threats to the crown and to the city of Almathriel.

Symbol: A golden shield with a rose on its face.

Organization: The Rose Guard is led by a Marshal. The Marshal commands two “Companies” led by Vice-Marshals. Each Company is made up of five ten-elf “Thorns” led by a Thorn-Lord. The Marshal of the Rose Guard answers directly to The Marshal of Hosts.

Leadership: (as of 509 AT)

  • Marshal Amaranthys Teldragin
  • Vice Marshal (Sun Company) Brynnin Faeranthal
  • Vice Marshal (Moon Company) Daryniel Soranthys

Rose Guard

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