Rhain's Journal

Rage and Raven

The Quest for “Helfarch”

I had just reached my thirteenth summer and Tharm, my father, sent me out to complete my “Helfarch”. When I returned 3 days later with the my butchered boar and trophy tusks, I found my home in ruins. My clan had been slaughtered, bodies and homes had burned themselves out. With no other thought but avenging my fallen clan, I tracked the raiders to the coast.

I caught up to the raiders as they sold off the spoils of their pillaging. I charged their leader with my spear. He easily side stepped my attack and clubbed me in the head as I passed him, darkness overtook me.

I was awakened by a splash of foul smelling water from a bucket and surrounded by sailors. I was quickly dragged below decks and placed on an oar with other slaves. I learned from my bench-mate, Daris, that we were heading south to be officially marked and sold. After many days below decks, I heard a shout from the sailors indicating land. That night, I sneaked above decks, caught sight of the port we would enter in the morning, then leaped over into the cold ocean. I would never be able to avenge my clan if I allowed myself to be made a slave.

I never entered the city, I did not want to risk being found. I headed out into the countryside, surviving by working, begging, and stealing in whatever village I happened upon. For the last six years I have done nothing but survive. I have now come to “Kalimsport” to seek fortune and prove myself a man to my ancestors. Once they have acknowledged me as a Hunter and Warrior, I will seek out the raiders that slaughtered my family, my clan; no “weregildt”, I will slay them all.

Rhain's Journal

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