Midron Pantheon

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Ramala (ra-MA-la) is the patron goddess of gamblers, the mistress of chance, and the lady of fortune. She is also a trickster and the most clever of all the Midron deities.

Ramala is primarily associated trickery, chance, and fortune.


Ramala is one of the oldest of the Midron deities, said to have been birthed by Fate itself to drive the creation of the world. Her church is venerable and secure in the various Midron lands of Zaldara, though small. Worship of Ramala is primarily maintained by small shrines and the prayers of gamblers and risk-takers.


Ramala is one of the children of Fate and thus the sister of Xuxia (Goddess of Lust), Ithya (Goddess of Inspiration), Sabreel (God of Madness), Davran (God of Love and Beauty), Cereth (Goddess of Light), and Modthras (God of Darkness).

Ramala’s trickster nature has brought her into conflict with many of the other deities in the pantheon at one time or another. She has no true enemies, though she is rarely trusted. She often has her own agenda—an agenda that none of the other gods can guess at.

Regardless, Ramala has been romantically linked to Davran and to Torth in many of the various legends surrounding the gods. In these relationships, she is usually a fickle lover and ready to trick the two gods into performing some service for her true, mortal lover.

Appearances and Emissaries

Ramala often appears as a beautiful, waifish woman with long dark hair and striking green eyes. She also appears as a black cat, a symbol of good fortune in Midron lands.

Worship of Ramala

Chance is the true force that powers the universe. Order, good, evil—these are only phases of life. The good man can have bad fortune and the bad man can have good. An orderly society can be wiped out by the whim of fate. Chance rules all. Place yourself into the hands of fate and trust to your own luck.

Followers of Ramala pray when chance presides, making sacrifices at her shrines when fate decrees the need.

Worshipers and Clergy

Ramala will accept the worship of any who seek intervention against the fickle winds of fortune.

Clergy wear green robes lined in yellow, as well as a gold coin on a cord of leather or a metal chain.

Temples and Shrines

Shrines and temples tend to be set up in gambling dens, or anywhere that adventurers may gather (adventurers being ones that tempt fate the most often). Each temple tends to be independent of the others, each governing according to their own whim and interpretation of dogma.


Certain devout followers of the Lady of Fortune perform a daily ritual to court her favor. Walk in a circle counter-clockwise 3 times and then walk in two circles clock-wise. Finally, walk a last circle counter clock-wise. Do this on odd days. Reverse the process on even days. Do not do this under a full-moon (do it inside on those days), but do try to perform this maneuver in the presence of a black cat (it’s luckier that way). Gain a +d4 Luck bonus on all skill checks (roll at the beginning of the day—it’s just a +1 to the roll if performed in the presence of a black cat). Gain d4 re-rolls of any d20 roll for the day (assume +1 to the roll if performed in the presence of a black cat).


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