Sianaean Pantheon

Ragane boxRagane (rah-GAH-nay) the Lion is a force of goodness, freedom, and strength in the world. Within the Sianaen Pantheon, he is in constant struggle against his counterpart, Samal the Wolf.

Ragane is primarily associated with Good, Liberation, Protection, and Strength.


Originally aboriginal animal spirits, as the Sianaen civilization developed, so did their theology, allowing their spirit totems to ascend into the upper echelon of the Greater Pantheon. These deities are worshiped primarily by Sianaens, whether at home or abroad. Devotion to these deities failed to interest other lands and Sianae never developed what could be termed an empire.


Like all of the deities of the Greater Pantheon, the Lion has opposition in the cycle in the form of Samal, the Wolf. Where Ragane represents chaos and chance, the Wolf is a force of stagnant evil and animalistic impulses.

In Sianae, the Lion is seen as a protector and an omen of safety and victory.

Appearances and Emissaries

Like most other Sianaen deities, the Lion takes on three different forms:

  • A huge, golden furred, blue-eyed variation of his namesake creature
  • A beautiful, golden-haired woman with eyes of icy blue
  • A winged Sphinx, with the head of a man and the body of a lion.

Worship of Ragane

Followers of Ragane believe that people should value their personal liberty, so long as it does not violate the common good. There is little use for law and regulation, so long as everyone does what is right. Bullies and tyranny are anathema to the followers of the Lion. They are free spirits with benevolent hearts.

Worshipers and Clergy

Both men and women may serve the Lion as clerics.

Priests of Ragane often mark themselves with elaborate lion tattoos that run from the face and down the neck onto the torso. They also wear flowing golden robes. All clergy also wear the symbol of the sphinx as a pendant.

Ragane welcomes the worship of any who would do good without the chains of restriction or technicality.

Temples and Shrines

Sianaen pantheonWorship of the Sianaen Pantheon has not traveled far outside of that country. However, worship is tied directly into the ascension cycle of the ruling houses. When the Lion is in power, temples tend to reap the benefits in gold and followers. When it is in decline, the temples suffer accordingly.

Each temple to the Lion tends to be open to the air—either roofless or without walls—and elaborate floor mosaics depicting the god in all of his forms. There is an altar for leaving offerings for interventions on the part of the clerics or to solicit good fortune.

Holy Texts

There are no holy texts or writs associated with the worship of the Lion. Worship is based primarily upon whim and momentary need, so there are not a great deal of traditions or ceremonies involved.


The first sunrise of summer is held to be sacred to the followers of Ragane.


Certain devoted followers of the Lion take part in special sacred ritual each day to gain special blessings from Ragane. In the open, wander a random pattern, trusting in the guidance of destiny. Turn your mind away from where your feet might land and let chance guide your steps. When your pattern feels complete, cease your wandering and contemplate the pattern—let it’s clues guide you to your future. Gain a +2 sacred bonus to your AC as you are under Ragane’s protection.


Sacrifices to Ragane tend to be random indeed—anything from food to gold to trinkets. Anything that someone would hold dear, save a life. Ragane would never hold with one who would take the life or liberty of another being in his name.


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