Queen's Guard

The Queen’s Guard is an elite force of fifty warriors, archers, and scouts that report directly to the elven monarch. They serve as her personal guard, her personal police force, and as guardians for her personal couriers and heralds. Most are selected directly from the Rose Guard but some recruited from the general population. By tradition, the Queen’s Guard are all elves, with a handful exceptions in its long history.

Symbol: A sun symbol with an internal disc representing the moon, with a star in the center. The symbol is in white on a gold background.

Organization: The Queen’s Guard is lead by its Captain. Each “flank” of 25 is lead by a Commander. Each flank is broken in five five-elf “squads” led by a Sergeant.

Leadership (as of 509 AT)

  • Captain Bowen Dilanthanis
  • Commander (Right Flank) Samarthis Bildannic
  • Commander (Left Flank) Manthin Pilfarrin

Queen's Guard

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