Prostitution in Kalimsport



Prostitution is not illegal in Kalimsport. In fact, it is regulated through the Courtesan’s Guild.

Prostitutes that come up through the Guild get the best jobs in the City and are guaranteed to be clean, well-trained, and worth their weight in gold. However, it is also a well-known fact that it is a lethal proposition to mistreat a Guild-trained courtesan—the Guild takes care of their own.

Non-Guild prostitutes also work within the City, but are a mixed bag as far as quality. The Guild has also been known to come down hard on successful whores and their pimps if they get too visible.

Brothels are taxed just like any other building in Kalimsport and the prostitutes are treated as employees for City purposes.

The Temple of Xuxia (Goddess of Lust) also operates in Kalimsport. For a sizable donation to the Temple, the priests and priestess will practice their arts on the donor, hoping to awaken lustful thoughts in the donor and appease their goddess.

Prostitution in Kalimsport

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