Demon Lords


King of the Wind Demons
CE male demon lord of the sky, temptation, and winged creatures


Unholy Symbol: image of Pazuzu with right hand upraised
Domain: Chaos, Evil, Air, Charm
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Cliffside cathedrals, desert ruins, mountaintops, towering spires
Worshipers: Antipaladins, harpies, enemies of Lamashtu, tengus
Minions: Fiendish flying creatures, perytons, swarms, vrocks
Obedience: String up the intestines of a freshly killed creature somewhere that will attract the attention of hungry birds (such as the branches of a tree or the crenellations of a tower), then meditate on the offering. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws against effects from flying creatures and compulsion effects. You may also cast charm person 3/day, enthrall 2/day, or fly 1/day as a cleric of your character level.

Pazuzu appears as a wiry human with eagle’s legs and talons, a demonic avian head, two pairs of bird wings, a scorpion tail, and a writhing snake in place of his genitals. Pazuzu is an aggressive demon fond of possessing mortals and using them to work his evils upon the world—it is said that Pazuzu can hear his name when an innocent speaks it unknowingly, and that this may be all that is needed to invite possession by the demon. He is the patron of all evil things that fly, particularly vrocks and harpies. His breath is a cloud of locusts, and it is said that at the dawn of civilization his first breath of air upon the Material Plane spawned the demon that, in time, would become Deskari.

Pazuzu is among the oldest of the demon lords, one of the first to rise to power in the Abyss long ago alongside the likes of Lamashtu, Abraxas, and Dagon, yet his long conflict with Lamashtu has prevented him from achieving greater power or perhaps even godhood himself—a fact that only serves to spur his unending conflict with the Mother of Monsters.

Pazuzu’s Abyssal realm of High M’Vania exists on the side of one of the great Abyssal rifts. This vertical realm includes an immense city on a vast shelf, as well as the depths below it and the skies above. The unique location of this realm allows Pazuzu unprecedented mobility among the Outer Planes, a freedom he often abuses in his war against Lamashtu, recruiting powerful allies from Hell, Abaddon, and beyond. Pazuzu’s personal rookery is a tangle of towers called Shibaxet—a place only his most trusted minions or his favored meals ever get to see.


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