Midron Pantheon

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Panala (pa-NAH-la) is the Lady of the Harvest, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. Her moods are reflected in the life and fertility of the earth.

Panala is one of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. Descended from earth and water, she is a powerful goddess whose sway over the life itself is reflected in the power of her church.


Panala often finds herself in opposition with her Sadum, Lord of the Underworld, who (according to myth) spurned her affections. Otherwise, her nature usually has her standing aloof from the squabbles among the other Later Gods.

While Panala stands apart from the other gods, she is active upon the world, directing its cycle of growth and decay and encouraging the fecundity of humanity.

Appearances and Emissaries

Panala appears in four different forms: a young woman in Spring, a woman in her prime in Summer, a matronly woman in Autumn, and an old woman in Winter. She always has deep brown eyes and the weathered skin of a woman who spends a lot of time outdoors.

Worship of Panala

The Lady of Harvest encourages her followers to treat the earth with care and respect, ensuring the fertility of the soil. She also encourages her followers to be fruitful and multiply. Panala also encourages a healthy respect for death, as part of the natural cycle.

Followers of Panala often recite their prayers each sunrise or sunset.

Worshipers and Clergy

Panala accepts the worship of all, though she is particularly revered by farmers and those that make their living off the soil. She is also the deity of many midwives and of mothers.

The clergy of Panala is restricted to females, the mysteries of pregnancy and motherhood being held to be sacred. These priestess wear brown and gold garments to mark their status.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to Panala are widespread, though especially prevalent in farming communities and in large cities who depend upon much grain to feed their masses.


Each change of the seasons is marked with Panalan revels and fairs. Further, the month of Harvest is held to be sacred, with many rituals being held at the local temple to bless the changing of the harvest.


Certain devout followers of Panala conduct a daily ritual in hopes of receiving her special blessing. At sunrise or sunset, take a stalk of handful of seeds and plant them by a roadside or in a secluded area, praying for their growth and for their life. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to Knowledge (nature), Handle Animal, Survival, and Craft checks. Gain a temporary pool of hit points equal to 1/4 your current Faith Score (minimum 1).


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