According to Northron myth, Nifenjeim is the bottom-most realm at the lowest roots of the World Tree with Middenjeim and Aesenjeim. In reality, Nifenjeim is on of the Outer Planes and travels closely with Aesenjeim on its journey through the Astral Plane.

It is the realm of the underworld and the goddess Eydis, who judges the souls that have not fallen in battle.

Those souls that have been judged worthy may be released and allowed to travel to the halls of Aesenjeim to rejoin their kin with the other gods. Those that Eydis claims will live forever more in eternal torment on the vast plains of Nifenjeim.

The plane is essentially a vast, stony, plain with very little other physical features. The night is a constant deep purple shade and the skies are filled with all manner of monsters flying to and fro, looking for victims to torment as they journey across the plain, looking for some shelter, some respite, from the never ending torment.

Eydis herself resides in a great hall in the only mountain in the realm It is there she casts her judgments and weaves her plans of petty evil for the lives of the Northrons.

The planar traits for Nifenjeim are:

  • Heavy gravity
  • Timeless
  • Self-Contained: The vast plain of Nifenheim actually circles back on itself and starts again.
  • Divinely Morphic: Eydis can alter the plane at will.
  • Mildly Evil-Aligned
  • Dead Magic


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