In the Tarsian religious system, Neraka is the name of the hellish plane in which Shazira resides and rules. Here are where the Kakodaimoni are made from the souls of those particularly pleasing to Shazira, while others are alternately allowed to indulge in their every whim (according to the Shazirites) or burn for eternity (according to the Irthanites).

The truth is that Neraka is a harsh, fiery realm dotted with golden cities in which those who are faithful to Shazira, indeed indulge their whims, but others are left to torment on the ashen plains or the molten rivers of the hellish landscape.

The brassy sky of Neraka presides over a hellscape of molten rivers, ashen plains, volcanoes, rivers of fire, and flaming hailstorms.

The planar traits of Neraka are:

  • Divinely Morphic: Shazira may alter the plane at will
  • Strongly Evil Aligned
  • Strongly aligned to Law
  • Magic aligned to Good or Chaos is impeded
  • Magic aligned to Evil or Law is enhanced


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