Monster Pelts


According to the Core Rules and the Ultimate Equipment guide, regular animal pelts range anywhere from 2 -5 gp, depending on the animal.

When it comes to slaughtering monsters and using their “pelts” for money, this has always been difficult to price. So I’m going to start using the following equation:

5 gp x CR of Monster = Base Price


Size Category Modifier
Fine x 1/16
Diminutive x 1/8
Tiny x 1/4
Small x 1/2
Medium x 1
Large x 2
Huge x 3
Gargantuan x 4
Colossal x 5
Monster Type Modifier
Aberration x5
Animal x1
Construct x4
Dragon x5
Fey x3
Humanoid x1
Magical Beast x5
Ooze N/A
Outsider x5
Plant x1
Undead x1
Vermin x1

So, under this equation, the skin of an adult red dragon would be worth:

  • 5 gp x 14 (CR 14) = 70 gp;
  • 70 gp x 3 (Huge) = 210 gp;
  • 210 gp x 5 (Dragon) = 1,050 gp

Final Price: 1,050 gp


Sometimes characters want to collect other parts of the animal for sale, such as bones or teeth. In these cases, take the Final Price and divide it by the following modifiers:

Teeth Final Price ÷ 5
Bones Final Price ÷ 2
Organs (must be persevered/intact) Final Price ÷ 3

These prices are for the collective incidentals—we don’t know how many individual teeth a creature may or may not have, nor how many bones or organs.

So, a yield of adult red dragon’s teeth would be worth 210 gp. Its bones are worth 525 gp. Its organs (intact) would be worth 350 gp.


“But how many suits of armor can I make out of that dragon hide?”
Generally, a “pelt” will yield coverage for x2 of the next size category lower, x4 of the next two size categories lower, x8 of the next three size categories lower, etc.
Inversely, a “pelt” will yield coverage for x ½ for the next category higher, x ¼ of the next two size categories higher, x 1/8 of the next three size categories higher, etc.
So, let’s take our adult dragon we’ve just pelted…

Size Category: Huge

  • 1 Huge
  • 2 Large
  • 4 Medium
  • 8 Small
  • 16 Tiny
  • 32 Diminutive
  • 64 Fine
  • ½ gargantuan
  • ¼ colossal

The Realities of the Market

Having this equation does not mean that EVERY monster/creature has a pelt that can be sold. Some things just will not sell in the common market. For example, in most societies, there is not a common market on human skin—so pelting your enemies after you’ve defeated them is not going yield any cash, no matter what the equation says. Common sense prevails.

Monster Pelts

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