Midron Pantheon

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Modthras (MODE-thrahs) is the dark of the eternal, flawless void, the lord of death, and the bearer of night. He is associated primarily with night, death, necromancy, and the underworld.


Modthras is one of the oldest of the Midron deities, said to have been birthed by Fate itself to drive the creation of the world. Like his rival, Cereth, his church is old and powerful in the various Midron lands of Zaldara.


Modthras is a child of Fate, a brother to all of the other First Gods: Xuxia, Goddess of Lust, Ithya (Goddess of Inspiration), Sabreel (God of Madness), Ramala (Goddess of Chance), Davran (God of Love and Beauty), and Cereth (Goddess of Light).

Modthras is the lord of the Underworld, that realm where the dead judged wanting are sent to spend their eternity in his service. He struggles constantly with his rival Cereth and her allies Halor, Barthal, and Nimar. He aligns himself often with Sylene, Kysk and Jolus.

The other gods fear Modthras and his power, for even gods can die and can populate his dreaded realm.

Appearances and Emissaries

Modthras appears as an ebon-skinned bald man with black robes. His deep eyes emanate the darkness of the Void.

Worship of Modtrhas

Before there was Light, Darkness ruled. Unblemished. Pure. Undiluted. This is the state to which we all return in death, a realm of utter, unrelenting darkness. The hearts of humankind are filled with Darkness—what people call selfishness and evil, Modthras sees as humankind’s most natural state—self-determinate. In the end, those that embrace the dark will find it—forevermore.

Followers and clergy of Modthras tend to pray at midnight, basking in the deep dark of night.

Worshipers and Clergy

Modthras accepts the worship of any who want to walk in the Darkness—to embrace their inner power. He is especially popular with the violent, the depraved, and the secretive. Necromancers pay homage to him as well as the source of their magic.

Priests of Modthras, when in places of saftey with their bretheren, often wear deep black robes and often wear black masks to hide their feature in shadow. Otherwise, they remain secret among us.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to Modthras are often hidden underground or within necropolises, as the activities of their followers tend to be illegal in most civilized lands.


The Long Night is held to be most holy to Modthras and is to be a revel of self-indulgence and evil.


Certain devout followers of Modthras perform daily rituals in order to curry favor from the Lord of Darkness. Sit in as dark a place as you can. Devoid of all light. Open your eyes and contemplate the absolute, pristine beauty of the darkness, its shape, its color, its implacable weight. Only in this state can you understand the majesty of Modthras. Gain a +4 profane bonus vs. Necromantic spells and spell-like effects. Gain Darkvision 60’.



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