Midron Religions Titles and Ranks


Most of the churches of the Midron pantheon follow the same pattern of rank and title for their clergy.

Rank Title Responsibility Relative Level
Initiate Initiate Priest-in-training 0-1
Priest/Priestess Brother/Sister Rank-and-file 1-5
Prior/Prioress Father/Mother Shrine/Church 5-10
Abbot/Abbess Reverend Father/Mother Church/Temple 5-10
Bishop Most Reverend Father/Mother City 10-15
Archbishop Blessed Father/Mother Region 15-20
High Priest/Priestess Most Blessed Father/Mother All temples 15-20

Most of the Orders of Paladins follow the same pattern for their members as well:

Rank Honorific Minimum Level
Initiate Initiate 0
Sword-Bearer Sword-Bearer 1
Paladin Sir/Dame 4
Templar Templar 7
Guardian Guardian 10
Master Paladin Master/Mistress 13
Marshal Marshal 16
Grand Marshal Grand Marshal 19*
  • = There can only be one person of this rank

Midron Religions Titles and Ranks

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