Midron Pantheon


The First Gods

Davran : God of Love and Beauty Xuxia : Goddess of Lust Ithya : Goddess of Inspiration
Sabreel : God of Madness Ramala : Goddess of Chance Cereth : Goddess of Light
Modthras : God of Darkness

The Later Gods
Halor : Lord Sun Sylene : Lady Moon Panala : Lady of the Harvest
Simaeas : Lord of Scrolls Sima : Lady of Magic Kartal : Lady of the Hunt
Morria : Lady of Battle Kysk : Lord of Blood Torth : Lord Maker
Barthal : Lord of Justice Sadum : Lord of Judgement Jolus : Lady of the Shadows
Nimar : Lady of the Waves Hathras : Lord of the Winds Syl : Lady of the Trees
Vandar : Lord Binder Nekras : Lord of Night

Midron Pantheon

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