Midron Creation Myth


In the beginning, the universe was naught but Flux—an amorphous amalgam of chaos and order, light and darkness, good and evil. The Flux is the stuff of the universe, the base of creation, and it is in constant motion.

But then it spun out Order, and Chaos with it. And these two forces combined to begat Fate. Fate, in turn, created Love, Lust, Inspiration, Madness, and Chance—the forces of creation. In turn, it also spun out Light and Darkness from the Flux, and set its children upon them.

Thus were the First Gods born.

Beset up on by the forces of creation, the God of Darkness and Goddess of Light fought and loved and birthed the elements. In turn, the elements fought and loved and birthed the Sun, the Moon, the Winds, and so on. And so on.

Thus were the Later Gods born.

Upon Fates creation were plants and water and wind and earth and fire. The Later Gods placed beasts upon the land. But Fate, knowing what was to come, called upon the Light and Darkness once again to birth another race, Humanity, a mixture of darkness and light, and gave them dominion over creation.

Thus were men born.

Midron Creation Myth

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