Midron Cosmology


Realm of Fate

The realm of Fate is the outermost plane of the Midron hierarchy. It contains the plains of Elysium and Nekrandium as well as the First Gods (Love, Lust, Inspiration, Madness, Chance, Light, Darkness). According to Midron tradition, it was the first plane created and is a realm of powerful primal forces. Mortals could not survive existence on such a realm.

Elysium, the Elysian Fields, and Nekrandium

The plane of Elysium is composed of the two parts: Elysium (sometimes termed True Elysium) and the Elysian Fields. Elysium is the home of the Later Gods, a vast city fit only for gods and chosen heroes. The Elysian Fields are on the outskirts of the city and are the home for souls deemed worthy at their time of judgment.

Nekrandium is the realm of the Underworld, ruled by the Lord of Night, and peopled by the unworthy souls who were cast down at their time of judgment.

Material Plane

The Material Plane lies at the center of the universe and is the realm of mortals and their lives.

Midron Cosmology

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