Demon Lords


The Creeping Queen
CE female demon lord of bindings, driders, and vermin


Unholy Symbol: skull at the center of a spiderweb
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Caverns, web labyrinths
Worshipers: Driders, drow, insane ettercaps
Minions: Bebiliths, retrievers, spiders and other vermin
Obedience: Bind a living creature so only a few key portions of anatomy (such as the belly, mouth, or eyes) remain exposed, allowing you to torment these exposed areas with needles, tiny knives, or poisonous vermin. Gain a +4 profane bonus on grapple checks and to CMD. You can use poison and vermin shape II once per day each as spell-like abilities.

Mazmezz appears as a hideous tangle of insectoid legs, far too many for any worldly insect to command. Some of these legs end in claws, others in pincers, and still others in spinnerets. At the center, a sickening clot of wriggling hair boils around a roughly spherical body, the only concession toward a “front” being an immense spider’s mouth filled with thrashing pedipalps and fangs. Mazmezz has the insidious ability to wrap herself in gauzy, vexing swaths of webbing that can magically alter her form to anything she can imagine—the form of a beautiful woman or female drider is a particular favorite when she’s dealing with those she might wish to capture and keep as trophies for her horrific harem. Yet when forced to punish foes or do battle, the Creeping Queen always reverts to her nauseating true form.

Mazmezz is worshiped primarily by drow, driders, and ettercaps, but some particularly demented humanoids worship her as well—these tend to be isolated admirers rather than members of full-blown cults. Her hive-like Abyssal domain is known as Khavak-Vog, and its tangled ways are the lair of her favored children, the bebiliths. The core of her maze-like lair is guarded by several of these fiends grown to great size. Legend holds that the first bebiliths were spawned by Mazmezz; if true, this would explain the disgust and hatred with which most other demon lords hold the Creeping Queen.


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