Mazaranite Creation Myth


In the beginning, there was only Bethaizu, the realm of spiritual light, and Bethnaizu, the realm of spiritual darkness. With the light stood Azumazran, the Light of Wisdom, Azumartuk, the Light of Law, and Azunapath, the Light of Creation. Within the darkness lurked The Nazul. Between these two realms was a great emptiness.

One day, The Three decided to make different creations. First, Azumazran shaped the sky. Then Azunapath made pure water. Then Azumartuk created the earth. Together, the Three made plants and animals, and finally, people.

The Nazul looked upon these creations and snarled. These were puny things, weak. He would make much more powerful beings to populate this new realm. He retired to the heart of his dark realm and created his Daeva, beings of dark power to plague the creations of the Light.

But Azumazran was no fool and knew to what purpose The Nazul had applied itself. So the Three fashioned the mighty Amapehta to defend the people and inspire them to worship the Light.

The Nazul raged at the Three for countering his Daeva. He sent them to destroy the Amapehta and all of the Light’s creations. But they could not destroy the water, only make it bitter. They could not destroy the earth, only make it hard and treacherous. They could not destroy the sky, only make it storm and rage. They could only meet happiness with sorrow, pleasure with pain.

The Nazul foolishly thought it had ended mankind because for life, he had brought them death. But Azunapath had bestowed upon all living creatures the gift of reproduction, and thus mankind lived on and prospered despite the hardships The Nazul had wrought upon the world.

Mazaranite Creation Myth

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