Dwarven Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

Malgra is the wife of Skondir and mother of several of the other gods of the Dwarven Pantheon. Malgra is the goddess of wives, mothers and children and tangentially the goddess of widows and orphans.

Titles: The Great Mother
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Mothers, Children, Hearth
Symbol: Elaborate golden bowl
Domains: Community, Law, Nobility, Good
Favored Weapon: Mace


Malgra teaches that dwarven wives and mothers should encourage patience in their husbands and children and should remind them of their responsibilities. Like she is of her own children, she encourages fierce protection of the family.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Malgra tend to oversee dwarven births and also run dwarven orphanages. They maintain small shrines to the Great Mother, but no large cathedrals.


Malgra appears as a stern, matronly dwarf dressed as a typical mother. She has a mace dangling from her belt.


Certain followers of Malgra perform a daily ritual to receive a special blessing from the deity. Prepare a meal or another act of caretaking for a family member while contemplating the care Malgra gives to the other gods. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on all Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, and Profession checks.


Rank Title Responsibility Relative Level
Initiate Initiate Priest-in-training 0-1
Priest/Priestess Priest/Priestess Rank-and-file 1-5
Prior/Prioress Father or Mother Shrine/Church 5+


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