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And here I put quill to parchment and lay out my chronicles in hopes that those that come after me will chase away the shadows of the rift with the light of knowledge. . .

From the Journals of the Acheran, year 447 of the Age of Tears

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The Story

The tale of our intrepid adventurers as they traverse the world in search of glory and gold.


An inside look at our adventurers.


A map of the continent of Zaldara.


The nations of Zaldara and their relationships with each other.


A gazetteer of the various named places of the across the known world.


The various organizations of Zaldara and their relationships with each other.


An exploration of the various faiths found across the known world.


An exploration of the planes of existence.


Profiles of the various types of peoples found across Zaldara.


A look at the people and events that shaped the world as the characters know it.


The heavens, the zodiac, and the calendar that are followed by the peoples of Zaldara.


The various tongues spoken by people of the known world and their relationships to one another.


The various beasts and creatures encountered by the characters on their journeys.

Song and Shield

A sidestory starring Azuredee Silverthistle and Alys Mournbow.

Rage and Raven

A second sidestory starring Lenoria and Rhain Ortha.

A Tale of Three

Another sidestory taking place about a decade before the others…

Player’s Guide

A guide to the various rules being used by the players of the game.

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