Mõrvar's Journal


Note 1:

Thoughts on the Temple:

I am not sure who these tentacle shadow worshiping humanoid people were, but I find their methods of protecting their temple fascinating. Though I felt an eeriness about the place, parts of it, such as the emerald alter room, give me a warm and comforting feeling. Perhaps my brother was a bit to hasty in rushing us out of there, or perhaps it was the wise thing, but my curiosity is peaking. I thirst to re-enter this temple and learn more about it, and discover why I was receiving visions from with in. While I am thinking about it, I wonder if I will receive any plot points or perhaps some extra experience points for updating my journal.

Note 2:

The Keep:

I am not quite sure why we took this job and since we did, I am further confused why we didn’t take the time to find an easier way to infiltrate. Once we were in, it was obvious to me from the beginning that we needed a distraction of great magnitude to cover what we were doing. Instead we continually came face to face with guards who most certainly have no clue how to protect a Lord. If we would have just lit the barracks on fire to keep the guards occupied putting it out instead of trying to sneak around, then we could have literally walked into the keep with no problems because the guards were all such idiots they would have all went to put out the fire.

Morvar’s rules to infiltrating a keep with only 4 people. 1) know you are going to have to kill people. It is better to come to grips with this before you start, then trying to sneak around and be shocked that you have to fight when you are caught. 2) Light it up. If you just start a major fire some where around the area that is vital to those that live there, and close enough for you to blend in to the smoked field crowd while they are trying to put the fire out, then it would be much easier to gain access to were you are trying to go, and less people to have to deal with when you get there. 3) Always expect your plan A to fail. That way if it works, your surprised and if it doesn’t, your not. If your not surprised, then it is easier to move on with plan B. 4) Plan B, kill everyone and burn it all!

Since we didn’t even get what we came for, it wasn’t even worth the problems we went through. I did get a good laugh out of Rilka killing the lady of the house by mistake. Also, my brother and his PLF was golden. Now those poor bastards who have been dumb enough to live under this lord are going to have to pay “justice” for what happened to their master and his bitch ass lady. What a bunch of idiots. Good Riddance to those morons.

Note 3:

The Bloodsucker

After the horrible failure at the keep, we found ourselves on the run. Savaric attempted to cover our tracks as we found our way to cross the river and head south. we decided to head to Leilior to sell off the spell book and some other items we “aquired” while searching for the dragon book. On our way we came upon a small village called Skeene with a mighty big problem. Lord Donat of Skeene had a pest problem and needed it taken care of so we passed ourselves off as a hunting party lead by Master Hunter Savaric and promised to handle the job at hand. Come to find out, their pest problem was a pair of Chupacabras running around sucking the blood out of the villagers. Once we dispatched those, we decided to investigate muffled noise on the other side of the hill that Savaric and I heard. Turns out that Kobalds had moved into the area so we dispatched them as well. We quickly became heroes of the town. Always nice to have a place to run to if you need to.

Note 4:

The Carnival

So, we found ourselves traveling with a carnival all the way to Skeene. I was intrigued with the festive, being I had never seen one before. Once we arrived in Skeene, the carnival raised their grand tents and the spectacle started. We had a chance to spend some time with some of the carnies, and I met this very beautiful woman named Lanii. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I wanted to spend every moment with her. A dancer of skill and grace. Unfortunately my free time to spend with her was interrupted by a continual thread of misfortunes designed to falsely blame the carnies. With the mysteries not being solved, it brought potential to cause the carnival to leave which would include Lanii. After a murder, a lot of thefts, another murder with people dressed as us, and some crazy bitch with physical altering potions, we succeeded in not only clearing our names, and the carnies, but also bringing down the entire ring of jack asses who pulled me away from Lanii. When the time came, I asked Lanii to stay with me, I cared for her so much. She chose to stay a carnival, that bitch. If ever I see her again, I may love her or I may kill her, I am not sure which yet. Turns out the best thing that happened was that we met some dwarves who want us to escort them back to their home, and maybe do some griffin egg hunting. Sounds cool. Problem is we ran into some guy that wants us to return to Josemeedt and prove we didn’t find the stupid book we were hired to bring back. Real users of arcane don’t need books. Once we arrived, we also found out Lothar is looking for us. Guess he decided to grow a pair of balls and seek out revenge. Too bad, looks like I may have to put down another member of our family which I am sure won’t sit well with Surm. Poor Surm, such a pitiful desire to return home. I really do not understand why it’s so important. They are beneath us. Never would I turn my back on those I claim to love……..unless they try to back stab me, then I would just kill them.

Note 5:


We travel towards Aeth in search for Lothar who is looking for us. Surm hopes it’s to make amends, but I on the other hand just know he is just trying to prove himself and is looking for vengeance. After a short time, we actually come across Lothar and his merry band of…..you fill in the blank. Turns out Lothar has himself a little group and he is on a blood fued. He is trying to collect as much resources he can because Aeth is apparently under oppression from some bandit lord. How pethetic! Surm, being Surm, pulls information out of Lothar about what is going on and convinces him that we don’t need to have blood shed on the road but rather all return to Aeth to see what is going on. I am sure that Lothar thought it was a great idea to come find me and probably was speaking all tough to his little buddies about how he was going to avenge daddy. My guess is he took one look at me and remembered that not only am I “tainted” but I also could woop his ass hand to hand too, and so he just pussed out. Probably telling his jr squad that it’s the right thing to do. Such a ridiculous dumbass. Of course, they all are. So, to Aeth we go. Upon arriving at Aeth, Surm went to the king about the blood feud. Apparently this bandit lord has a witch on his side who is controlling some demon. Sonja our sister has been slain, our mother and our brother Ren have been taken as prisoners, and Aeth as a whole is devastated. I can’t help but think to myself, “good, they deserve it” but I don’t like the idea of someone other than me killing my family. After all, they are still blood, even if theirs is “cleaner”. Surm convinces the king to take a payment to call off the blood feud and then offers our services for this little tussle they have with the bandit. The king accepts and alerts Lothar that the blood feud has been dissolved. Lothar acts as if he is cheated out of vengeance, though I think secretly he was wetting his pants and felt a sigh of relief. So, here we sit, outside the gates of Aeth, because no one wants two tainted and two half orcs anywhere around them. I understand killing this bandit for messing with our family, but really, I can’t help but ask myself, why are we really here Surm? His obsession to be accepted by these miserable people is un-nerving.

Note 6:

Battle Plans

We move up the mountain, cautious and quietly, taking out the guards on the way. We finally reach the camp of bandits the enemy has. Using stealth, we make our way to the first wall. Surm and I scale over to find a camp inhabited by slaves. Somewhere in here is our brother and possibly our mother. We come to a hut and are turned away. At this point I wonder why we really even care, sticking our necks out for ungrateful assholes. We make our way to another hut which turns into a very long and boring conversation with a slave. To hurry the process, I agree to leave some weapons so that Surm is happy that we have armed these people who obviously can’t fight, or they wouldn’t be here to begin with. We make our way back and eventually return to Aeth. We alert the king and set plans to move forward, except as I figured would happen, they decide to slightly change plans on us. Whatever, without Surm and I, they wouldn’t have a plan to begin with.
The next step, Surm, Savaric, Rilka and I move back up the mountain taking the upper path as far as we can. We encounter a more secure group of path guards that pose little more threat then the first group, but were dispatched just as easy. We make it over the first wall, and begin the call for arms while the army approaches we help the slaves rally to the fence. War breaks out and we take the gate down. As we move all out, we hear the sound of the goat demon. As we move, I pile the gate with burnable and light it to try and slow any approaching enemy from behind us. As we pass through, we see mass chaos of fighting. It’s hard to distinguish who is who. Horrible display of leadership by both Aeth and the mountain bandits. We move toward what we figure to be part of the Aethian army, and Surm breaks off to combat the goat. Surm, to my surprise and the dismay of several Aethian warriors, dispatches the goat demon. We all retreat to Aeth with my brothers Surm and the leg missing Ren. Upon return, Aeth has a meeting with what I would call the warlords. Suddenly Surm and I are looked at as great assets as if we key players. This whole situation makes me ill. If it weren’t for Surm, I really wouldn’t have minded sitting up in the mountains and watching Aeth come to it’s demise from the bandits. Instead, here I am, becoming an unwanted, tainted “warlord” of Aeth.
Upon discussion, it is decided that Aeth should attack before the demon can be summoned and the bandits come down. Again, they look to us. Surm sees it as them depending on us, I see it as them using us as cannon fodder. If we succeed, great, if not and we are killed, great. So, up the mountain we go a third time, ahead of the army again. This time, it’s our goal to cross both walls and infiltrate the keep itself. The whole time, wondering how I let myself get in this situation, we manage to make it to the back of the keep undetected. We search high and low, attempting to find a way in, but in the end, the only way in is through a kitchen window. As usual, plans don’t go as the way we plan, and the goat is released before we make it in. We enter and are confronted with the witch and the bandit king. After a brief melee battle, we kill both of them. We found the other slaves, our mother being one of them, and immediately started searching out the keep. Realizing that once we killed the witch, the goat becomes uncontrolled, I improvised and behead the witch and the bandit king. With the use of my “taint” I convince the soldiers outside that I am much more powerful and scary then the witch. The soldiers soon find themselves fighting the witch. Once they dispatch the witch, the soldiers, fearing me as they should, surrendered to me. We returned to Aeth with the prisoners. Upon returning to Aeth, to appease my brother, I lied and attempted to show I cared by giving offerings to Lothar and the King. The king awarded us by returning our status to the Aethian kingdom and opening the idea of tainted as still being children of Aeth. Lothar on the other hand refused my gift but showed signs of possible forgiveness. Probably more out of self preservation then sincerity considering he might actually begin to realize he stands no chance in any kind of fight with me…..fair or not. Finally, Surm is happy, and we get to leave to make our way south to hunt griffon eggs. What a waist of time this was, I would have much rather traveled with the Dwarves to begin with.
Strange how the hated, unwanted, tainted, renounced sons of Aeth saved it. Man they are an ignorant group of people. If it were not for Surm, and I still had to be involved, I would have sided with the mountain bandits. Perhaps even befriended the witch whom was quite attractive. Pitty we had to kill her. As far as the bandit king, we could have gotten rid of him when we tired of him. Of course, I really could care less to lead a group like that, I would much rather just travel to new lands and find new adventures with the only 3 people that matter to me. You know, if I didn’t love my brother so much, I wouldn’t have to deal with situations like Aeth…….of course having him makes stupid crap like Aeth worth it. Regardless how much he may piss me off sometimes, or put me in some of the situations I despise being in, I don’t know what I would do without him. After all, he is the only one who truly understands me. Rilka and Savaric have ideas, but only Surm truly understands. I would sacrifice my life for the other two, but I would give my life for him and his petty needs to be loved by those who hate us.

Note 7

The Four Travelers

Finally we have departed from those I despise. It is funny that this time we leave heroes, and not villains, though I still feel many may look at me that way. Now, south we travel to find adventure hunting griffin eggs.
(need to re-freshen on events to complete)

Mõrvar's Journal

Shadows of the Rift Butcher