Demon Lords


The Deathless Frost
CE male demon lord of cold, giants, and revenge


Unholy Symbol: ice-caked, rune-carved warhammer
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Water, War
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Temple: Frozen castles, glacier fortresses, icy mountain caves
Worshipers: Ettins, frost giants, hill giants, ogres, white dragons
Minions: Half-fiend yetis, ice golems, ice linnorms, remorhazes
Obedience: Spill the blood of a living creature onto snow-covered ground; the creature must remain alive during the entire obedience, and must die within a minute of the obedience’s end. Gain cold resistance 30. If you are immune to cold, you may instead gain fire resistance 30. You may change to fire resistance if you gain immunity to cold at a point after you gain this boon.

Kostchtchie was born of Ulfen parents, and grew up a murderer after his father forced him to kill his mother and sisters. Kostchtchie went one better and murdered his father as well. Later in life, after he had become a ferocious warlord, he confronted the Witch Queen Baba Yaga and tried to force her to grant him immortality—the witch agreed, but twisted his form, turned him into a hideous giant, and hid away the last fragment of his mortal soul in a magical torc. Kostchtchie fled to the Abyss to nurture his hatred and hide his shame, eventually finding a new purpose as a patron of frost giants, who turned away from their god in search of a more active and warlike deity. Kostchtchie’s current goal is the recovery of the torc that contains the fragment of his previous soul, in the hope that its return might reverse his deformity without removing his immortality. His worship is common not only in the Jossia, but also in northern Boreal.

Kostchtchie appears as an immense, deformed frost giant with twisted legs, tiny white eyes, and a thick matted beard into which are woven dozens of skulls—trophies of mortal kings and priests of rival faiths he has slain. He is never seen without his warhammer, an adamantine maul of such prodigious size that even the strongest frost giant would have trouble wielding it properly, but which appears almost weightless in Kostchtchie’s grizzled hands. This nefarious weapon can destroy nearly any object it strikes, and stuns all but the largest creatures that suffer its crushing blows.

Kostchtchie dwells in an immense fortress called Skyskar that is carved out of the heart of a towering mountain in a realm known as Jhuvumirak. This fortress is itself located in the heart of a rugged realm of jagged mountains and immense glaciers infested with manifold frozen horrors.


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