Northron Pantheon


Kettil (KE-til), the son of Ivarr and a mortal woman, is called upon the gods as a peacemaker. It is well-known that Kettil has never uttered a lie and is completely impartial to either aspect of his heritage (god or human).


Ethics and morality originate from law and rulers. True justice can only come from staying impartial and obeying the letter of the law. Judges and arbitrators are a great boon to society, in fact, they define society.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy of Kettil believe in justice, first and foremost (though they respect the Northron traditions of revenge). They often act as judges and arbitrators in their communities. They are quick to defend those that are untried, insisting that all humans are innocent without a fair trial.

Temples to Kettil are often used as, and resemble, courtrooms. They sometimes also double as a local jail and often contain libraries of laws, settlements, etc. They are quiet and austere places of respect and reflection on the law.


Kettil is a stern-faced bearded man of middle-years. He seldom visits Middenjeim, often spending time in his hall in Aesenjeim studying the history of the gods and settling petty disputes.


Certain followers of Kettil perform daily “obediences” or rituals to gain special blessings from the deity. In a quiet place of contemplation, hold up your open palms. Balance them before you. Think on something troubling you and weigh each side of the matter. Bring the matter into balance. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive, and Appraise.


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