Demon Lords


Him Who Gnaws
CE male demon lord of ghouls, graves, and secrets kept by the dead


Unholy Symbol: maggot-filled bowl made from a human skull
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Dire flail
Temple: Catacombs, funeral homes, graveyards, necropolises, warrens under graveyards
Worshipers: Cannibals, conspirators, ghasts, ghouls, grave robbers, necrophiles
Minions: Fiendish earth elementals, rats, undead, vermleks, worm monsters
Obedience: You must partake of a cannibal feast; the body upon which you feed must either be at least a week old or be eaten while atop a grave. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws against paralysis and against disease effects from undead. May cast deathwatch 3/day, ghoul touch 2/day, or speak with dead 1/day as a cleric of your current level.

It is said that when the first humanoid (according to most tales, an elf) to feed upon the flesh of his brother died, he was reborn in the Abyss in a vast necropolis that the plane created in his honor. Kabriri’s teachings are popular among the ghouls of the world, particularly those who dwell in the underground realms. Kabriri appears as a muscular ghoul with pointed ears, sharp teeth, a long tongue, and pale gray flesh. His eyes are beady and red, his hands are talons, and his feet hooves. His favored weapon is a two-headed flail made of iron and bone, the twin heads of which are skulls wrapped in strips of spiked iron. This weapon is capable of transforming those it enslaves into ghouls, and causes the flesh of the living to rot away.

Kabriri’s Abyssal necropolis is a realm called Everglut—an immense city of ghouls and worse creatures built into a vast cavern with countless stairways leading up to tunnels in the roof above, which in turn lead to a tangled network that connects to graveyards throughout the multiverse. Lit by strange green light, the libraries of Everglut are unusually vast.


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