Demon Lords


Mistress of the Hungry Moon
CE female demon lord of desolation, the moon, and werewolves


Unholy Symbol: full moon rising above a desolate moor
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Forest glade, remote farmhouse, standing stones
Worshipers: Debased rural folk, lunatics, werewolves
Minions: Dire wolves, wolves, worgs
Obedience: Under the night sky, you must offer up prayers to the moon. On nights when there is no moon, you must supplement your prayers by sacrificing an intelligent creature of your own race by tearing out its throat with your teeth and feeding on the still-warm body. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws made when the moon is visible in the night sky. May cast charm animal 3/day, summon nature’s ally II (1 fiendish wolf or 1d3 wolves only) 2/day, or beast shape I 1/day as a cleric of your current character level.

In certain rural areas of the world, particularly in the region around Darkmoon Vale and the darkened woodlands of Boreal and Jossia, the barrier between human and wolf grows thin on nights of the full moon. Many religious texts point to the werewolf Jezelda as the first to spread lycanthropy among the mortals of the world, but strangely, neither she nor her faithful support that claim; instead they remain strangely silent upon her history, as if they shared a secret that the world is not yet meant to know.

As the patron of werewolves, Jezelda is herself a shapechanger. She can appear as a beautiful and dark-haired Kuskar woman, a feral and slavering wolf with huge fangs and yellow eyes, or her favored form—that of an emaciated amalgamation of these two embodiments, also bearing a pair of demonic horns. She despises non-werewolf lycanthropes, and charges her worshipers with seeking out such creatures as heretics worthy only for sacrifice. Good-aligned lycanthropes in particular raise Jezelda’s ire, and such a sacrifice almost always curries her favor.

Jezelda’s realm on the Abyss is known as the Moonbog. This vast realm is large enough to contain a single glowing moon high above—the “stars” in the night sky are said to be the eyes of her favored wolf consorts looking down upon the realm below. Below, the Moonbog consists of vast stretches of moorland separated by winding wetlands of bogs and fens infested with all manner of monstrous denizens—the deeper and more remote of these bogs are often ruled by powerful hezrous or half-fiend froghemoths. Yet it is on the moors themselves where the true dangers of this realm can be found—for it is here that Jezelda and her favored consorts hunt under the wan light of the moon. These moors are populated by isolated communities of humanoids harvested from countless worlds. Jezelda enjoys moving from one village to the other, constantly hunting while her minions work furiously to abduct and repopulate the realm behind her so she need never be faced with an empty realm.


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