Janov Meszaros


The Kuskars, warriors wild by virtue of their hot blood and the promise of self-rule, needed a strong, firm hand to guide them. Meszaros proved to not only be strong enough for the task of controlling a horde of armsmen, but wise enough to take on the tasks of ruling a nation.From the journals of The Acheran, 445 AT

The first Voivode of the Kuskar.

Meszaros was a powerful clan leader who rose to prominence during what became known as “The Border Wars” with Achera in the mid-4th century. He united the clans and was given the title “Voivode”, a type of Grand Marshall. He rallied the clans and eventually drove the Acherans out of Kuskar and back across the Jorani Mountains. He retained the Voivode title and settled in to rule the first nation of united Kuskar tribes.

Janov Meszaros

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