The paradise plane of the Tarsian goddess Irthani.

Upon death, humans go to meet the judgement of Praathi, who will judge based upon your worship and upon your deeds. Those that deserve it will go to Neraka with Shazira. Others will go to Ja’hana to reside with Irthani. Those that fit into neither category will stay in the Void with Praathi.

Irthani resides in the plane of Ja’hana with her emissaries, the Eudaimoni. A Eudaimon is a benevolent spirit, formed from the souls of those sent to heaven in the afterlife. Often these spirits take on the form of human beings with the heads and great wings of eagles.

Some of the great Eudaimoni:

Ja’hana is a vast desert oasis, a paradise, surrounded by a sandy desert ring known as The Wastes. The oasis of Ja’hana is beatific, with lush jungles, high waterfalls, rocky outcroppings, and serene valleys. The sky shines a pinkish-purple shade by day and is lit with falling stars at night.

At the center of the oasis is the Palace of Irthani. Here she receives her souls and dispatches her Eudaimoni.

The planar traits of Ja’hana are:

  • Light gravity
  • Finite shape: Ja’hana is a disk whose outer ring is desert and most of whose surface is covered by the oasis.
  • Divinely Morphic: Irthani may alter the plane at will.
  • Strongly aligned with Good
  • Mildly aligned with Law


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