Northron Pantheon


Ivarr (EE-var) is the son of Yülthn and Guthrun and a favorite of the gods. He is renowned not only for his physical beauty, but his ability to create works of art and songs with great skill and inspiration.


The mental and emotional state achieved while creating objects and works of beauty brings the artist closer to the gods—who deserve reverence as sources of inspiration.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Ivarr’s cult are not universally beautiful—but a high proportion certainly are. Many of Ivarr’s clergy are also skilled artisans and bards. They dress simply but well, demonstrating a presence of mind with their appearance and the different aspects of their personality that can be communicated.

Ivarr’s temples are beautiful and well-designed, but not gilded or ostentatious. They demonstrate beauty through elegance and simplicity. Weapons are forbidden in temples to Ivarr. While visitors can be overwhelmed by the elegance of the temple, clerics strive to bring comfort and welcome to all visitors. Those seeking inspiration can be shown to similar works and the temples often contain studios and workshops that can be visited.


Ivarr is a handsome man with a golden beard and soft, blue eyes. His is a smiling countenance of welcome and comfort. He carries cunningly-wrought longsword and a beautiful silver chalice from which he sips the nectar of the gods. He seldom appears in person in Middenjeim but is often entertaining the various gods of Aesenjeim.


Certain devout followers of Ivarr perform daily “obediences,” short rituals in hopes of receiving his divine favor. Create something—even something small and seemingly insignificant. A paper frog. A meal. Something into which you can instill some degree of beauty. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks.


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