Northron Pantheon


Isranthr (EES-ran-theer) is the son of Saehildr and Ulfethinn. He is a skilled warrior who is often invoked by those entering single combat. His cunning makes him a valuable councilor of the gods.


While followers of Isranthr exult in combat, they see no reason to fight up close when they can use their bows from a distance. As a hunter, Isranthr teaches respect for wildlife and nature, maintaining the natural balance and urging his followers to act like predators of the animal kingdom—hunting the less fit and leaving the young to carry on the species.

Clergy and Temples

Hunters of Isranthr often are called upon as messengers between isolated communities or can be found hunting food for the temple and community. All carry long or short bows.

Temples to Isranthr resemble large hunting lodges. In addition to a great hall they have storage rooms and workrooms. There are also butchering rooms and large kitchens. Visitors to the temple find themselves welcome—provided they show appreciation for the food put before them. Hunters are particularly welcome and often asked to share techniques and tricks—which the clergy share in return.


Isranthr is a handsome man with long red-brown hair and beard and flashing green eyes. He often dresses in green-lacquered light armor and carries a mighty longbow and a quiver of arrows. At his side is a short sword.


Certain devout followers of Isranthr partake in daily rituals in hopes of receiving special blessings. If possible, exult in a hunt. If that’s not possible, then take out your bow and carefully string it while contemplating the connection between hand, eye, and target that goes into the hunt. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to hit with your chosen ranged weapon. Gain a +2 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus on Survival checks).


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