5000 AD

The Rivening occurs.

4137 AD

Tilendren Theisadalra crowned Tilendren I, first king of the Saelfsidhedai.

1500 AD

The Scattering begins.

0 AT

The Founding of Tarsas.
The Scattering ends.

47 AT

Ithraniel Starshadow is born.

67 AT

Menaxes of Tarsas develops his calendar.

71 AT

Jalila Sarad is born.

103 AT

Jalila Sarad declared first Kargan of the Acheran Empire.
The Acheran Empire begins.

107 AT

The founding of the city of Kalimsport.

118 AT

Jalila Sarad, first Kargan of the Acheran Empire, dies of natural causes.
Pajab Sarad declared second Kargan of the Acheran Empire.

119 AT

Founding of Voss College (later the University of Kalimsport).

121 AT

Pajab Sarad publishes The Kargan’s Covenant.

133 AT

Founding of Borealan College of the Arcane (later the University of Borael).

152 AT

Shandor Azumed establishes his first Shandorian temple.

170 AT

Athanasius of Sianae is born.

171 AT

Satrina Sableblade is born.

174 AT

Ambrose Merrywick is born.

205 AT

Freehold Charter signed, creating The Jirran Freeholds.

207 AT

Kahlil of Zyend is born.

211 AT

The astronomer Raathi is born.

220 AT

Ithraniel Starshadow dies.

The Boraelan College of the Arcane is reconstituted as the University of Borael.
227 AT

Satrina Sableblade dies.

238 AT

The Athanasius Pact is created.
The Tower at Wizard’s Peak is established.

245 AT

Tower Kelmori established by the sorcerer Kelmori.
Ambrose Merrywick dies.

247 AT

Athanasius of Sianae dies.

253 AT

University of Crownport founded by King Caswyn Rowyn of Ornis.

258 AT

The astronomer Raathi dies.

263 AT

Kahlil of Zyend dies.

276 AT

Voss College rechartered as the University of Kalimsport.

303 AT

The Pirate Wars win the independence of The Jirran Freeholds.

307 AT

Ishvara becomes head of Dukane Monastery.

311 AT

Isold Marat crowned Queen of the Hyboaeri, establishing the kingdom of Borael.

321 AT

Nahabed Ghazarian declared King of Yulania.

337 AT

Janov Meszaros declared first Voivode of the Kuskar.
The Acheran Empire ends.

343 AT

Modern border of Sianae established by Pietro Domane.

400 AT

The historian known as The Acheran is born.

461 AT

The historian known as The Acheran dies.

493 AT

Ornish civil war begins.

501 AT

Daveth Pynrose crowned King of Ornis. Ornish civil war ends.


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