Midron Pantheon

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Halor (HAY-lore) is the everlasting sun, the light of the world, and the power of morning light.

Halor is the first of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. Descended from light and fire, he is a power god and his church has always been venerated by the Midron tribes, and later, nations. He is revered for his power and for the gift of Healing that he bestowed upon the world. In fact, it was Halor himself who taught humanity the art of Healing.


Halor is the brother of Sylene (Lady Moon). He often finds himself in opposition with his sister and against Jolus (Lady of the Shadows). He is in direct opposition with his rival Nekras (Lord of Night) and his grandfather Modthras (God of Darkness). He is on good terms with his grandmother Cereth (God of Light).

Halor admires humanity and will even occasionally directly intervene in their larger affairs, descending from the planes in one of his favored forms.

Appearances and Emissaries

Halor often appears as a golden-skinned youth with piercing, golden eyes. He often carries a composite longbow, “Shadebreaker”, with him on his journeys. He is also known to appear as a ray of sunlight or a golden heron.

Worship of Halor

The Sun, a descendant of Fire and Light, is a symbol of good and of healing. It is Lord Sun’s healing light that makes encourages growth, burns away evil, and heals the spirit. Halor preaches peace and justice over revenge. Nevertheless, willful acts of evil are not to be tolerated, nor are the unrepentant.

Dawn is held to be a sacred time of prayer for followers of Halor, the time when Lord Sun casts his eyes upon the world after the rule of Night.

Worshipers and Clergy

Halor accepts the veneration of all who would bask in his healing light. Most of his worshipers tend to be humans and elves, and then usually healers by trade.

Priests of Halor wear red robes with white trim and often carry a Sun pendant with them as a holy symbol.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Halor tend to be open platforms, often including obelisks that act as sundials to track the god’s movements through the day.


The week of the summer solstice is a long celebration of contemplation and revels to the Sun. These include dawn-to-dusk prayers for clergy on the day of the solstice.


Certain followers of Lord Sun participate in daily rituals in hopes of gaining special blessings. While standing in the open sunlight, pray for healing, pray for illumination, pray for salvation. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Heal, Knowledge (religion), and Perception checks. Gain a +2 sacred bonus vs. cold effects.



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