Northron Pantheon


Hallveig (HALL-vague), twin sister of Halli and daughter of Ulfir, is the goddess of erotic and sensual love and the practice of magic. She is a passionate, but magnanimous goddess. Her ardor—be it in love or in battle—is unmatched by any of the Aesen.


Passion is the fire of the goddess. Passion in love, passion in battle. Exuberance is key to becoming close to the gods. Beauty is to be found in the gift of magic, and vice versa. Hallveig is revered by lovers and by warriors and wizards.

Clergy and Temples

Many of Hallveig’s clergy also practice the arts of war and of magic. They are passionate at whatever path they choose.

Temples of Hallveig are lavishly decorated and contain well-guarded cases with the various jewels and jewelry offered as sacrifices and dedications to the goddess. Many temples also contain arcane libraries and laboratories for magical study.

Visitors are warmly greeted, though there is an expectation of passionate sacrifice or some other expression of ardor for the goddess. Magical knowledge or items are accepted as readily as jewelry or works of art.


Hallveig is a beautiful young woman with red-gold hair and colorful clothing. She carries a longsword into battle and flies the standard of the falcon.

h4 Obediences

Certain devout followers of Hallveig perform daily rituals in hopes of winning her divine favor. Perform an act of passion—be it making love, self-love, throwing yourself into the daily meal with gusto, sparing with a team mate—whatever it is, do it passionately. Gain a +4 sacred bonus vs. spells and spell-like effects. Gain a +2 sacred bonus to Knowledge (arcana) checks.


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