Halls of the Maker


The Halls of the Maker


The Halls of the Maker is the residence of the dwarven god Skondir and the destination for all deceased dwarven souls who move on to the afterlife. Here, in this vast edifice, The Maker will stand in judgment over each dwarf and deem them worthy to reside in the Halls. Those that are worthy may spend eternity in the lap of luxury and of constant good work in the forges of the Halls. Those found lacking will be allowed to reside in the Halls as servants to the worthy. And those found abhorrent to Skondir will be un-made, their life-stuff cast out into the Astral Plane.

The Halls of the Maker is a decidedly vast edifice comprised of forges, foundries, residences, drinking halls, and much more—everything that a dwarf loves is provided in abundance. It was here, in the very heart of the Halls, that Skondir forged the first dwarf. This is the heart of all that it means to be dwarven.

The planar traits of the Halls of the Maker are:

  • Finite shape: The Halls, though vast, are finite and end in huge, golden walls.
  • Divinely Morphic: The Dwarven gods may alter the plane at will.
  • Mildly aligned to Good and to Law
  • Good and Law aligned spells are enhanced
  • Evil and Chaos aligned spells are impeded

Halls of the Maker

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