Northron Pantheon


Halli (HAH-lee), son of Ulfir and the twin brother of Hallveig, is the chief Northron god of agriculture.


This cult concerns itself with the daily concerns of those who live off the land. The clergy work the fields and forests alongside the faithful. Halli expects good stewardship of natural resources and efficient use of available land. He despises wastes and expects his followers to respect and cherish the bounty of the land.

Clergy and Temples

Halli’s temples are rare in urban areas and more bountiful in rural farming communities. Priests are often hard to discern from common workers, outside of their holy symbols. Temples tend to be large wooden halls with a watchtower, used to oversee and guard the fields and observe the weather. The main halls often have granaries, armories, stables, and the like abutting it. Weapons are not permitted within the temple grounds.

Visitors to the temple are greeted with friendship and warmth. Rangers and Druids can count on a free meal and place to sleep at one of Halli’s temples.


Halli appears to be a hale young man with long, red-blond hair and beard. He seldom carries a weapon, but is quick to take up arms to defend the land against despoilers.


Certain devout followers of Halli perform “obediences,” daily rituals that bestow special blessings upon them. Look to the sun—feel its warmth and light on your face. Cultivate a plant or work in a garden, contemplating the light of Halli. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Knowledge (Nature), Handle Animal, and Survival skill checks, as well as to skill checks for a single Profession or Craft (your choice).


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