Demon Lords


The Whispers Within
CE male demon lord of alchemy, invention, and transformation


Unholy Symbol: the philosopher’s stone
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Artifice
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Temple: Foundry, laboratory, library
Worshipers: Alchemists, drow, non-werewolf lycanthropes, shapechangers
Minions: Golems, magical beasts, mutated animals, non-werewolf lycanthropes, oozes, retrievers
Obedience: Practice the Divine Experiment by following the procedure to transmute lead into gold; this process normally requires a philosopher’s stone, but for this obedience, the thaumaturge can substitute any material for lead—it’s not the actual transmutation that functions as the obedience, but the act of going through the motions. Gain a +4 profane bonus against transmutation effects. May cast enlarge person 3/day, alter self 2/day, or beast shape I 1/day as a caster of your current character level.

Of the demon lords, there is a perception that Haagenti is among the least destructive and most reasonable. Of course, this impression is little more than smoke and mirrors, for Haagenti is as cruel and sadistic as demon lords get—the usefulness of his alchemical creations and wondrous inventions is simply his method of subtly influencing the development of society. Many scholars believe that Haagenti is responsible for guiding many of humanity’s greatest minds to discover new and deadly methods of inflicting destruction and pain on each other. The greatest secret he has revealed to mortal life is the method of transmuting lead into gold using a philosopher’s stone, but he is the author of other secrets, such as the method of creating retrievers or the basis of drow fleshwarping.

Haagenti has a myriad of forms, and can change his appearance at will—he typically appears as a member of the same race as those he is interacting with. Rumor holds that his true form is that of a demonic winged bull.

Haagenti’s realm on the Abyss is called Cerebulim. This region is an immense collection of laboratories, libraries, torture chambers, bestiaries, and other chambers that Haagenti can shift around and rearrange to suit his preferences, causing them to grind into new layouts with the thrum of immense, unseen clockwork gears.


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