This towering menace has a horrible, vertically aligned mouth and arms that split at the elbows into twin clawed hands.


CR 10

XP 9,600

CE Large aberration

Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +27


AC 24, touch 10, flat-footed 23 (+1 Dex, +14 natural, –1 size)

hp 127 (15d8+60)

Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +12

Immune disease, poison


Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.

Melee bite 17 (1d87), 4 claws 17 (1d67)

Space 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.

Special Attacks rend (2 claws, 1d6+10)


Str 25, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 11, Wis 16, Cha 11

Base Atk +11; CMB +19; CMD 30

Feats Awesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Greater Bull Rush, Improved Bull Rush, Lunge, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Perception)

Skills Climb +15, Escape Artist +13, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10, Perception +27, Stealth +15, Survival +21; Racial Modifiers +4 Escape Artist

Languages Undercommon

SQ compression


Environment any underground

Organization solitary, pair, or camp (3–10)

Treasure standard

Gugs are inhuman monstrosities that dwell in the deep places of the world. Whether they were banished to the dark lands by ancient gods or the light-loving races they terrorized, or perhaps were brought to the deep realms by dark powers from some even more inhuman nightmare realm, is unknown, but gugs are loathed by other races for their carnal rites of slaughter.

Gugs are 16 feet tall and weigh nearly 2,000 pounds, but they move with an eerie, unnatural gait as though their limbs contained far too many joints. They can contort and distend their limbs for greater reach or to wriggle easily through impossibly small passages. Gugs may cling for long hours to cave walls or just within dark side-caverns, lying in wait for prey to stumble too close. Their senses are keen, however, and their joy in the bloody hunt is considerable and gugs who catch the scent of blood may stalk their prey for long days, even venturing at times beyond their caves to dare the bright lands of the surface in search of tasty meat to drag back for their horrific sacrifices.

Gugs are savage fighters when driven by a strong leader, but on their own may flee if brought to fewer than half their hit points, carrying off fresh meat for later feasting if they are able. They can subsist on fungi, slimes, and molds as well as carrion and even undead flesh—particularly that of ghouls.

Some bloodthirsty gugs gain awful powers as gifts from their alien patrons. These monsters are known as savants. They have a Charisma of 18 and can use invisibility, spike stones, transmute rock to mud, and unholy blight once per day each as spell-like abilities (CL 10th, concentration +14). Some become actual clerics or oracles of their mad gods—strange powers of darkness, insanity, and blood. Gug savants add +1 to their CR.


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