Demon Lords


Song of the Swamp
CE female demon lord of amphibians, boggards, and swamps


Unholy Symbol: fetish of a boggard or frog made of twigs
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Animal, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident
Temple: Bog island, marshy pool, swamp deadfall
Worshipers: Boggards, chuuls
Minions: Froghemoths, giant frogs, hezrous
Obedience: Drown a living creature in swamp water (or at the very least, in muddy water), then impale the dead body on a sharp branch so wild creatures can feast on it. After impaling the creature, you must spend the rest of your obedience meditating on the sound of fluid dripping from its sodden body. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against disease and poison caused by exposure to the jungle or creatures native to swamps. Your skin grows thick and warty, increasing your base natural armor bonus by +3, but reducing your Charisma by 2.

The goddess of the boggards, Gogunta began her life as a mighty mobogo (Pathfinder Adventure Path #12). Her route to ascension as a demon lord is believed by the boggards to have been the result of a life spent slaughtering just the right creatures and feeding on just the right parts of their bodies. Scholars of the demonic believe it more likely that she was a herzrou in Dagon’s service who ascended to the role of demon lord by more traditional means—certainly she favors the hezrous as guardians and lovers, and often sends them to guard or even lead boggard tribes on the Material Plane.

Gogunta is unusual among the demon lords in that her realm is not wholly her own—the stinking saltmarsh of Mephizim is a vast region, yet it is contained wholly within the realm of Dagon’s Ishiar. Mephizim floats upon the surface of the vast sea of Ishiar, being pulled idly along by the current. Despite the swampy island’s continental size, it remains a relative speck on the surface of the great Abyssal sea. Dagon seems content to let Gogunta rule her tiny realm above his own, ignoring her blasphemous cavortings. Gogunta’s cult often mingles freely with that of Dagon on the Material Plane, with her boggards and Dagon’s cultists mixing and mating in disgusting ways that nature never intended.

Gogunta appears as an immense, multi-headed frog with too many eyes and even more tongues, but in some boggard artwork she appears instead as an immense boggard queen.


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