Fundin Glitterstone

Dwarven Pantheon
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Fundin Glitterstone is both a heroic and trickster figure in many a dwarven story. He was once a great hero of the dwarven people whose legend has grown beyond who he was in actual life. In some stories he epitomizes the stoic dwarven hero. In others, he is a guileful figure, fooling his enemies with some trick or another, much to the amusement of other dwarves.


The cult of Fundin hold their hero up as an example to all dwarven kind. They revere his heroism, his goodness, his keen, axe-sharp mind, and his very dwarven stubbornness in the face of adversity. Fundin Glitterstone never quit.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy in this cult tend to be adventurers, like their hero, and often have another profession or class. Though no dwarf has never heard of Fundin Glitterstone, the cult itself is rather small. There are no temples to the hero, per se, but plenty of shrines have been erected in homes and in places where adventurers gather. All feature gold as some portion of their design.


Fundin Glitterstone is a short (even for a dwarf), stocky dwarf with a long, brown, braided beard. He wears a horned helm and carries a battleaxe on his side. He is missing one of his front teeth (given in exchange for a share of treasure with a dragon, so the stories say…).


Certain followers of The Nimble-Fingered perform a daily ritual in order to receive special blessings. Take a gold coin and balance it on your knuckles. Flip it along and back again, all the while, contemplating the sheer dwarvishness of Fundin Glitterstone. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Dex-based skill checks.

Fundin Glitterstone

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