Demon Lords


The Burning Maw
CE male demon lord of fire, salamanders, and volcanoes


Unholy Symbol: fanged mouth drooling lava
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Fire, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Spear
Temple: Caverns, lava caves, volcanoes
Worshipers: Arsonists, drow, fire giants, evil metalworkers, red dragons, salamanders
Minions: Brimoraks, fiendish fire elementals
Obedience: Burn a valuable non-magical object (something worth at least 100 gp) or any living creature as an offering and eat the ashes. Gain fire resistance 30. If you are immune to fire, you may instead gain cold resistance 30. You may change to cold resistance if you gain immunity to fire at a point after you gain this boon.

Flauros appears as an immense reptilian monster with red-hot lava for skin and a humanoid torso. In places, his flesh cools to the sheen of volcanic glass, only to crack open and melt anew as his liquid interior boils up to the surface. He wields a jagged obsidian spear in his muscular arms; this spear can transform into a 60-foot-long lash of lava, and can instantly immolate mortal foes it strikes. His head is mostly fanged mouth, from which thick rivulets of magma, clouds of smoke, and tongues of fire emerge.

As a demon of fire and lava, Flauros is favored by the salamander race. The Mistress of Fire, a jealous and vindictive elemental named Ymeri, has long waged war against Flauros for the salamanders’ worship, but on this front Flauros has traditionally been the victor. Flauros is also worshiped by the drow, particularly those who dwell in volcanic regions or pride themselves on crafting weaponry in lava forges. He is known to count fire giants, red dragons, and countless humanoid arsonists among his faithful as well.

Flauros’ abyssal realm is known as the Bloodpyre Fields, an immense cavern lit by the searing fires of a semicircular arc of volcanoes that surround the shores of an ocean of lava. This molten sea pours off the side of a bottomless chasm, yet never drains. Flauros dwells in the caldera of the largest volcano, in a castle of torrid adamantine suspended over a boiling crater by immense chains. A great wyrm red dragon named Fhengasma dwells in the lake below—many believe that she and Flauros are lovers, and that her offspring compose the large number of half-fiend red dragons that rule the other volcanoes of this realm. Certainly Flauros has been known to send these Abyssal dragons to the Material Plane to do his work, and their devastating visits can lay entire nations to waste in a matter of days.


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