Elven Pantheon
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Findenrior box

Findenrior (fin-DEN-ree-or) the Huntsman brought the Saelfsidhedai (elves) the use of the longbow, as well as taught them the proper respect for nature and the wild spaces of the world. Findenrior watches over all good beings that live in the forest, love the woodlands, or make their livelihoods there.


Findenrior extorts his followers to live in harmony with their woodland homes, taking only what is needed and never over-hunting or overusing the bounty of the wilderness.

Clergy and Temples

Many clergy of Findenrior live in forests and keep on friendly terms with rangers and druids. They keep guard against the encroachments of evil folk, greedy loggers, and others who would exploit the woodlands. Followers of the Huntsman can be quite ruthless in driving out such elements. They tend to dress in simple woodland garb.

Temples tend to be open-air affairs, often found deep in the woodlands. More often found are shrines in forest villages and in clearings or near freshwater brooks.


Findenrior looks like a weathered elf in his middle years with long brown hair dressed in a woodsman’s garb. He carries a great long composite bow and wears a elven longsword on his side.


Certain followers of Findenrior perform daily rituals called “obediences” in order to gain special boons from the deity. Find a secluded spot, preferably in a woodland area. Be still and silent. Listen. Give your senses over to the contemplation of nature. Gain +4 sacred bonus to Handle Animal, Knowledge (Nature), Perception, and Survival checks.


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