Northron Pantheon


It is said that Eydis (EYE-dis) is the daughter of Jörn and a Grundr, though the truth of that claim is unknown. She does not discuss her origins and the Sly One will not say. Nevertheless, Eydis’ countenance is monstrous to behold. It is said that the only thing uglier than Eydis’ face is her heart.

Eydis is confined to rule over Nifenjeim for her crime against the gods: her murder of Ivarr‘s sister Ivanna. The two grew up together in Aesenjeim, daughters of the great gods and cousins. But Eydis was ever jealous of Ivanna’s great beauty. So she cast the girl out of a high tower. Yülthn wanted to hang the wench from the World Tree. Jörn said nothing. But Ketill ruled in favor of exile to Nifenjeim to rule over the unworthy dead. His judgment was accepted by all of the gods and thus did Eydis become Queen of the Underworld.


Eydis herself has little to do with the living, concentrating her efforts on the torments of the unworthy dead. Her cult, however, perceive that society has unjustly imprisoned/exiled/ignored them. They often seek revenge for real or imagined slights. They also have a distrust of all that is beautiful and good.

Clergy and Temples

There is little organized worship of Eydis. Most worshipers are lonely, nursing perceived faults and plotting against all who have wronged them. Occasionally a few will band together for common purposes and then disband when vengeance has been taken—or they turn on each other in the process.


Eydis is said to have a monstrous appearance. To look upon her in all of her ugliness is said to instantly kill a mortal. Sometimes she is said to appear as a crone, hiding her ugliness with a cloak, but unable to hide her clawed hands.


Certain devout followers of Eydis perform daily rituals in order to gain the special blessings of the goddess. Sit in darkness and contemplate the wrongs that have been done to you. Nurse the hatred in your soul with the milk of jealous rage. Now light a single incense candle (5 sp) and let the flame of your hatred burn away the darkness and reveal your true self as you breath in the scent of fresh fury. Gain a +4 profane bonus to Intimidate checks and treat such checks the next higher rank level for fear effects.


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