Elven Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

Eltheriel box

Eltheriel (el-THAYR-ee-el) the Spellweaver brought spell craft and sorcery to the Saelfsidhedai (elves). He also brought them the gift of music and song as well as the written word.


Magic is the ultimate expression of universal power and beauty. Eltheriel promotes the the creation of new spells and new magical constructs, as well as the accumulation of knowledge.

Clergy and Temples

Many of Eltheriel’s clergy are also sorcerers, wizards, or bards. They often travel the land looking for new songs and new spells to add to the base of elven knowledge. They also explore the ruins of the The Ysar, looking for lost knowledge. Most carry engraved staves in emulation of their deity and wear star-covered black cloaks.

Temples to Eltheriel stand wherever elves gather, as well as in some Towers of Sorcery. They house extensive arcane libraries and scriptoriums as well as several laboratories and experiment chambers.


Eltheriel is a handsome, youthful elf with long black hair and lavender eyes. He wears a black, star-bedecked cloak and carries a long rune-carved staff.


Certain followers of Eltheriel perform daily rituals called “obediences” in order to gain special boons from the deity. Paint or draw a pentagram on the floor, ground, earth, what-have-you. Sit in the center and chant the selected incantation to each of the points of the star. Allow the mystical energies to flow through you and settle into an arcane trance. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Concentration checks and an additional spell for the day (any castable level).


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