Northron Pantheon


The nimble-footed Einarr (EYE-nar) is the messenger of the gods and the one who escorts the dead to their appropriate realm in the afterlife. He is the son of Yülthn and a mortal woman.


The cult of Einarr focuses on endurance and physical fitness. It teaches marksmanship, fencing, horsemanship, foot races and swimming. It is the appealing to both adventurers and to messengers in the mortal realm.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy devoted to Einarr seldom stay in one place for long. They wear sturdy traveling gear and travel from temple to temple (or message to message), enjoying the journey. They are quick to lend aid to travelers in distress.

Einarri temples are generally collections of small buildings devoted to various skills that are considered important to messengers and travelers. Visitors to the temple are warmly welcomed and plied with food and drink to supply information about their journey. Travelers are generally welcome to stay for as long as they have information to share.


Einarr is a fit man with short-cropped brown beard and hair. He wears winged boots (Swaeffenbotn) that carry him swiftly from one point to another.


Certain followers of Einarr partake in “obediences,” daily rituals that bestow a boon to the follower. Go for a long run or swim; spar with a partner—something to focus both the body and the mind. Contemplate the mind/body connection. Gain the effects of the Endurance feat.


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