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Eacenia (ya-SEN-ee-ah) is named for the Eaceni tribes that settled in this area and comprise most of the ethnic stock of this region.


Eacenia is a land of ancient woods and deep forests. It is bound to the north and south by the Aejennan Sea and the Sea of Jirra, to the east and west by the Slayt Mountains and the River Yeran. The Winter River runs out from the River Tars from within the Slayt Mountains to run into the Aejennan Sea.


Cities and Places of Interest

The capital city of Jenna sits on the western coast of the country and is the namesake of Aejennan Sea, which it abuts. In the heart of the country, at a curve of the Winter River, likes the city of Winterheart. To the south, on the border between Eacenia and Sianae on the River Yeran, is the city of Yeranton. To the north, at the mouth of the Winter River, is the city of Riverton. South of Riverton, nestled in the foothills of the Slayt Mountains, is the city of Lincliff. Further south, near the border between Eacenia and Tarsas is the city of Southaven (pronounced SOO-thaven).

On the southern border of the country, along the River Yeran, are a series fortresses: Greyhill Hold, Aldsford Hold, and Riverbend Hold.


During The Scattering, the Eaceni tribes were known for their superb horsemanship and the fierceness of their warriors. These two traits allowed them to hold much of the territory that is modern Eacenia from the other Midron peoples. Indeed, only the superior numbers and technology of the Acheran Empire allowed them to be conquered. In fact, the Acherans only achieved a partial victory against the Eaceni, conquering only about half of their territory.

The Imperial Period

During the Imperial Period, the Acherans learned much of cavalry fighting from the Eaceni. Further, the Eaceni developed their culture of knighthood and chivalry during this period.

Post-Imperial Eacenia

As the Empire fell, Eacenia managed to snatch back its territory up to the Slayt Mountains. Further, they held their lands against the growing threats of Sianae and Tarsas. They have since become a powerful nation in their own right and their knights are held in high esteem throughout the known world.

Laws and Governance

Eacenia is ruled by a strong, hereditary monarchy, lead by its King. Succession goes to the first-born son and is only passed through the male line. There are also a series of noble families, all related to the royal line by blood and marriage alliance.

The word of the King is law, though a series of precedents serve to guide monarchs in ruling justly and in ruling according to tradition.

The current King, Deorhard, son of Thuric is a good man and a worshiper of Barthal, and rules justly and with an eye to the common good.


Eacenia’s economy is based on timber from its numerous forests and rich iron and tin mines in the Slayt Mountains.

Money System
Denomination Metal CP* SP* GP* PP*
Copper Penny Copper 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,000
Silver Penny Silver 10 1 1/10 1/100
Gold Mark Gold 100 10 1 1/10
Grand Mark Platinum 1,000 100 10 1

*CP = Copper Piece, SP = Silver Piece, GP = Gold Piece, and PP = Platinum Piece

Racial Characteristics

Eacenians are a Midron people of pale-to-olive skin tone and dark hair and eyes. The southern portion of the country is frequented by many travelers from Sianae and Tarsas, giving southerners a more Southron cast to their features.


The primary languages spoken in Eacenia are Eacenaen and Tradespeak. In the south, Sianaean and Tarsian are also spoken.

Popular Names
  • Noble houses : Holenbote (Royal), Trumswith, Randthorne, Helmstan, Wealdwyn, Belthun, Mahtgyr
  • Male : Brand, Danu, Grim, Hengist, Hugi, Moll, Aelf, Beorn, Cuthmund, Cynric, Leofric, Thurgar, Wulf, Waerwyn
  • Female : Aeldra, Aethel, Bayhild, Cwenwyth, Frithild, Harigrim, Heanagyr, Tila, Gisel, Dunamaer


Like most nations of Midron heritage, the most practiced form of religion is the worship of the gods of that pantheon. Evil religions are illegal and not tolerated within Eacenia’s borders.

Sorcery and Wizardry

The practice of Wizardry and Sorcery are tolerated in Eacenia, though the nation is not a signer of the Athanasius Pact.



Eacenian music tends toward the bombastic and martial, with horn and drum being prevalent instruments used.


Eacenian cuisine is world-renowned for its legendary blandness. Staples such as potatoes and boiled beef are the most common ingredients.


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