Dukane Monastery


Dukane Monastery is a formerly cursed Shandorian monastery in the Jorani Mountains about 35 miles north of Jora.

The Shandorian monks of Dukane Temple lived a simple, ascetic life in harmony with those around them. It was a small, out-of-the-way stop in the Jorani Mountains, somewhat near the city of Jora, and served as a way station for the poor and the helpless to seek food and aid. In the time of The Five, the rogue Ambrose Merrywick, had struck up a friendship with a Shandorian monk called Rohin. He often visited Dukane to see his friend and to rest from his many travels in the peaceful atmosphere of the monastery.

Merrywick trusted Rohin without reservation. The two were close friends, perhaps even lovers, despite Rohin’s vows against “sensual misconduct”. Regardless, when Ambrose was entrusted with one of the keys to Anglorion, it was to Rohin he turned. Rohin became the keeper of the treasured key and devised several ingenious traps to protect it from the unworthy.
Dukane lived on in peace and harmony long after the death of Ambrose Merrywick. Here the key rested, protected by Rohin’s ingenuity. But the peace of Dukane was not eternal, nor was it difficult to break.

It came to pass that the head of the monastery, a monk called Ishvara, grew to have a love of gold more than enlightenment. During his tenure as head of Dukane, the city of Jora was in turmoil and on the brink of revolution. The Voivode turned to Dukane for help, hoping that their monks would supplement his soldiers and bring peace back to the city. Ishvara took the Voivode’s gold—-but sent no monks. The Voivode grew angry but could not send troops against Dukane, so high up in the mountains, while maintaining order in the city. Ishvara knew this and feared no reprimand.

Other monks advised Ishvara against this course, that the Eight Fold Path speaks against false intention. But Ishvara wanted only gold and the power that came with it. He enjoyed his hold over Voivode and would not be persuaded.

The Voivode did as all men do who have nowhere else to turn-—he turned to the gods for help. And The Three Who Are One answered. It cursed the peaceful temple of Dukane for its duplicity, casting it away from the light and toward the shadow. Ishvara was transformed into a being as greedy for life as he had been greedy for gold. The monks, who did nothing to stop Ishvara, were transformed as well, payment for their incapability—or unwillingness—to bend their master’s ear.

Since that time, Dukane has been known only as a place of death. Adventurers have ventured there in search for the treasure of Ishvara, but none have been successful in finding it. The nearby village that shares a name with the cursed place warns travelers away from the dusty halls of Dukane-—only death and shadows can be found there.

That was until the arrival of Azuredee Silverthistle and Alys Mournbow. These two adventurers from Borael came in search of Anglorion and defeated Ishvara, breaking the curse on the monastery forever.

Dukane Monastery

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